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Experience peace of mind with McMillian Pest Control, your local defenders against pests. Proudly headquartered in Conroe, TX, and extending our services to Spring, The Woodlands, Magnolia, Huntsville, and Cypress, we specialize in tailored pest control solutions, ensuring your home or building is a secure haven.

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McMillian Pest Control provides comprehensive pest control solutions for both residential and commercial properties, ensuring a pest-free environment tailored to meet the unique needs of every customer.


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Services We Offer

General Pest Control

Our comprehensive approach targets common pests like roaches, ants, spiders, fleas, ticks, flies, bees, and millipedes, providing effective and lasting solutions for your home or business.

Termite Treatment

Protect your property from the silent threats of termites. Our specialized termite treatment not only eliminates current infestations but creates a long-lasting barrier to prevent future attacks on your woodwork.

Exterminator Services

Year-round protection against pests. Our exterminator services create an invisible barrier around your property, preventing pests from invading your space, with added treatments to keep your environment secure.

Flea Treatment

Safeguard your home and pets from fleas. Our thorough flea treatment not only eliminates existing infestations but leaves a protective layer, ensuring long-term defense against future flea-related challenges.

German Roach Treatment

German Roach Treatment

Combat filth and contamination with our professional German roach treatment. We assess your home, develop a customized plan, and ensure the complete elimination of German roaches, leaving your living space germ-free.

Pest Control Programs

Recognizing that each pest control situation is unique, we offer tailored programs catering to your specific needs. Whether you require ongoing services or a one-time treatment, our programs ensure safe, effective, and discreet solutions.

McMillian Pest Control

Committed To Making Homes & Businesses Pest-Free

Our unwavering commitment lies in ensuring pest-free environments for both homes and businesses, combining expertise and tailored solutions for enduring peace of mind.

We Follow Best Practices

We adhere to industry-leading practices to guarantee optimal results for every customer. Choose McMillian Pest Control for experienced professionals, licensed and insured services, customized solutions, and a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction.

We Come Directly To You

Our Reach: Extending Expert Pest Control Services to Your Doorstep

McMillian Pest Control is dedicated to reaching you wherever you are. Our service areas include Conroe, Spring, The Woodlands, Magnolia, Huntsville, and Cypress, ensuring that our expert pest control solutions are accessible to all, providing peace of mind for every community we serve.

What Our Clients Say


Home Owner

Kayla K.

Lance is great at coming in and assessing your current extermination needs. He listens to what’s going on and thoroughly checks out the area inside and out, and looks for the source of the problem. He’s very professional and easy to work with. Furthermore, his wife is the best at setting up appointments! I highly recommend them!!

Home Owner

Emily A.

I hired Lance to take care of the fire ants in my yard and he was responsive, arrived on time, and eradicated all of the fire ants in my yard. Great guy, quality service. I highly recommend.

Business Owner

Terry W.

These guys are very profession and dedicated to getting the job done right. They are a very personal, you dont get a call center, you get them when you call and they are customer focused. Military Veteran owned to boot. I'm thankful we found them.

Apartment Owner

Paulie N.

Lance is awesome. Always responsive and did a great job installing a pest misting system. No mosquitoes and very few flies all summer long. Lance is the best.

The Woodlands

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Frequently Asked Questions

Results vary based on the situation, but you should notice a reduction in pest activity within a few days. For persistent issues, we offer follow-up services.

In most cases, leaving your home isn’t necessary. If required, we’ll provide sufficient notice, allowing you to prepare accordingly.

Pest control addresses existing issues, while preventive plans ensure future protection. If you aim to prevent recurring problems, investing in a preventive plan is advisable, covering various concerns such as termites, German roaches, fleas, and more.

If you’re dealing with persistent pest issues, recurring infestations, or if you’ve identified signs such as droppings, eggs, or an unusual odor, it’s advisable to consult with professionals. Our experienced team can assess the situation, identify vulnerable areas, and provide a customized plan to effectively address and prevent pest problems in your home or business.